Mayfest 2019

Program I:

Friday, May 17th, Barnes Hall, 8 pm

Beethoven Trio in B-flat Major for oboe, cello, and piano, Op. 11 (Carmel, Plesser, Yampolsky)

Prokofiev Scenes from Romeo and Juliet (Wang, Bjerken)

Dukas Villanelle for horn and piano (Nir, Yampolsky)

Smetana Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 15 (Bouey, Haines-Eitzen, Yampolsky)

Program II:

Saturday, May 18th, Barnes Hall, 8 pm

Mozart Oboe Quartet in F Major, K.370 (CarmelWangMuthelet, Plesser)

Brahms Viola Sonata in F Minor, (Muthelet, Yampolsky)

Robert and Clara Schumann Romances (Carmel, Bjerken)

Brahms Horn Trio, Op. 40 (BoueyNir, Bjerken)

Program III:

Sunday, May 19th, Lab of Ornithology, 4 pm: Music of Nature

Beethoven Horn Sextet in E-flat Major, Op. 81b (Nir, Shuhan, Wang, Bouey, Muthelet, Plesser, Haines-Eitzen)

Zemlinsky Lilies-of-the-valley blossomed everywhere for soprano and string sextet (Schutz, Bouey, Wang, Muthelet, Armbrust, Plesser, Haines-Eitzen)

Britten Phantasy Quartet for oboe and string trio, Op. 2 (Carmel, Wang, Muthelet, Haines-Eitzen)

Program IV:

Monday, May 20th, Carriage House Cafe Loft, 8 pm: An Intimate Evening

Glinka Trio Pathetique in D Minor (Carmel, Plesser, Yampolsky)

Radzynski Prayer and Dance for cello and piano (Plesser, Yampolsky)

Strauss Alphorn for soprano, horn, and piano (Schutz, Nir, Yampolsky)

Jazz set with a quartet from Ithaca High School

Program V:

Tuesday, May 21st, Barnes Hall, 8 pm

Schubert Auf dem Strom for soprano, horn, and piano (Schutz, Carmel, Moseley)

Elgar Piano Quintet (Bouey, Wang, Muthelet, Plesser, Bjerken)

Marcello Oboe Concerto (Carmel and ensemble)

Brahms Piano Quintet in F Minor, Op. 34 (Wang, Bouey, Muthelet, Plesser, Yampolsky)


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