Friday, May 20th, Barnes Hall, 7:30 pm

Creston Saxophone Sonata (Banks, Bjerken)

Songs by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Jihyun Kim, Charles Ives, Jesse Jones, and

Margaret Bonds (Upshaw, Bjerken)


Lutoslawski Dance Preludes (Katz, Yampolsky)

Brahms C Major Piano Trio (Braunstein, Plesser, Yampolsky

Saturday, May 21st Barnes Hall, 7:30 pm

Given Saturday’s forecast for extreme heat, please note that Barnes Hall is not air conditioned.

Bach Flute Sonata, BWV 1034 (Schwarzman, Yampolsky)

Hugo Wolf Italian Serenade (Schwarzman, Braunstein, Wang, Haines-Eitzen)

Steven Stucky Scherzino/Bedard Fantasie (Banks, Bjerken)


Songs by Alma Mahler (Upshaw, Yampolsky)

Zemlinsky Clarinet Trio, op. 3 (Katz, Plesser, Bjerken)

Sunday, May 22nd, Lincoln Hall, Room B20, 3 pm

As of 5-20, this concert is sold out. However, a standby line will be available at the door in the event of no-shows at concert time.

Kodaly Serenade for two violin and viola, op. 12 (Braunstein, Gellev, Wang)

Bartok Contrasts, Sz. 111 (Gellev, Katz, Yampolsky


Beethoven Violin Sonata in G Major, op. 96 (Braunstein, Yampolsky)

Selections from John Novacek’s Four Rags for Two Jons (Katz, Bjerken)

Monday, May 23th, Moakley House, 7:30 pm

Kodaly Cello Sonata, op. 4 (Plesser, Yampolsky

Trio set (Upshaw, Divall, Bjerken)

Julius Röntgen, Der Schlaf (from Lyrische Gänge)

Lili Boulanger,  Reflets  

Henriëtte Bosmans, Arietta  

Paul Hindemith, Gute Nacht (from Die Serenaden)

Johannes Brahms, Die ihr schwebet (op. 91 no.2)


Shostakovich Preludes, arr. for violin and piano (Gellev, Bjerken) #’s 10, 15, 13, 24, 6, 21, 3, 11, 20

Schoenberg First Chamber Symphony, arr. by Webern  (Schwarzman, Katz, Braunstein, Plesser, Bjerken)

Tuesday, May 24th, Barnes Hall, 7:30 pm

Songs of John Dowland arr. for string quartet and voice (Upshaw, Gellev, Wang, Divall, Haines-Eitzen

Schumann Piano Quartet, op. 47 (Braunstein, Wang, Plesser, Yampolsky)


Chopin Impromptu No. 3 in G-flat Major, Op. 51 (Deshpande)

Mendelssohn Viola Quintet, op. 87 (Braunstein, Gellev, Wang, Divall, Plesser

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